Pixelpad is a startup online art portal service for ordering digital portraits which helps the users modify their already existing images into an art form of their choice from the options of services featured on our website.

Yes, you can. We will take your instructions for customization and would like to work as per your choice.

Yes, you can instruct us either to add or remove a person from your desired picture, and the rest we will take care of based on your requirements.

The file format of your photograph should be JPEG, JPG, PNG.

Yes, we require your images to be of a minimum size of 700KB. The upper the resolution, the higher your artwork would end up to be.

We require all photos to be clear enough in order that our artists can concentrate on the finer details of the face.

Make certain that your photo is the best quality/resolution possible.

Yes, of course, a framing option is available. We will also take care of printing, framing, and packing.

Yes, we ship all over India.

We also confirm you allow us to know of your dissatisfaction while you review your product before it ships. By doing this, we don’t often get return requests. But just in case of damaged products, we do accept returns. For this, we might ask you for replacement

We would like to show our work off. But we wouldn’t upload your pictures without your consent. If you do not wish your pictures to show off, you’ll have to instruct us while uploading your pictures. It would be great and helpful if you allowed us to post our work on social media platforms to feature our services to customers.